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Q: How can I watch the 28th Screen Actors Guild Awards®?
The 28th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards will take place on Sunday, Feb, 27, 2022. The two-hour telecast will be simulcast live on TNT and TBS at 8 p.m. (ET) / 5 p.m. (PT).

Q: How are the winners of the SAG Awards® determined?
Voting for the SAG Awards is done in two stages. The first, nominations balloting, is voted on by two nominating committees – one for Motion Pictures and one for Television – each comprised of 2,500 randomly selected members. These nominating committees are newly selected each year from our database of paid-up and active SAG-AFTRA members who have not served previously in the past 8 years. 

The second stage of voting, final balloting, begins after nominations are announced and is open to all paid-up and active SAG-AFTRA members. 

Q: Who is eligible to vote and receive For Your Consideration materials in the final balloting phase of the SAG Awards?
All SAG-AFTRA members in good-standing who have paid their November dues by the designated dues deadline are able to vote on the SAG Awards. 

Q: Who is eligible to receive a SAG Award?
With the actor’s permission, producers, studios/networks, agents, managers, or publicists may submit performances for consideration in the category designated by the actor. Actors may, of course, submit their own performances. 

Motion pictures, television, cable, and new media productions made within SAG-AFTRA’s jurisdiction must be signatory to SAG-AFTRA or a SAG-AFTRA collective bargaining agreement. Titles need not be in English. Productions made outside of SAG-AFTRA’s jurisdiction with entirely foreign casts may be eligible for SAG Awards submission.

For a full breakdown of eligibility in each category, please see our Rules and Regulations.

Q: How are Life Achievement recipients selected?
The SAG-AFTRA National Honors and Tributes Committee nominates and votes for the recipient of this award. The HAT Committee’s selection must be approved by the President and the National Executive Director of SAG- AFTRA.

Q: Are my SAG-AFTRA membership dues used to pay for the Screen Actors Guild Awards?
No. Members’ dues are not used to produce the SAG Awards.

Q: Can I volunteer to work on the SAG Awards?
Unfortunately, no. We are unable to accept volunteers due to liability reasons.

Q: How does the SAG-AFTRA member ticket lottery work?
Show attendees primarily consist of nominees, their guests, and select industry executives.

Typically, a small number of seats are available through a ticket lottery for SAG-AFTRA members to sign up to be randomly selected to purchase tickets to the SAG Awards. Unfortunately, we do not know at this time if we will be able to continue to host a ticket lottery. If anything changes, you can find updates here.


Q: When will eligible voting members receive FYC DVDs and digital screeners?
Final voting opens Wednesday, January 19, 2022. On that date, digital screeners will begin to be made available to all eligible voting members. DVDs will be sent out in late January/early February 2022.

As no membership dues are used to provide screeners of titles for consideration, the cost of doing so is left to the studios. While we encourage every studio to make their nominated projects available to the membership, we cannot require them to do so.

Q: Can the final voting window be longer? 
Unfortunately, due to the fast-paced awards season schedule, we set the voting window for as long as possible. Studios try to provide FYC materials to eligible members as quickly as they can.

Q: Can I still access digital screeners after the show airs?
Since FYC materials are made available to members for voting purposes, the studio only allows access until voting closes.

Q: How do I change my mailing address for where I get screeners?
During the final voting phase, the SAG Awards sends FYC materials to the primary addresses on file with SAG-AFTRA at the time of the November dues payment deadline. Any contact updates after this time will need to be separately changed with both SAG-AFTRA and the SAG Awards. If you need to contact SAG-AFTRA, please call them at: 323-549-6778.

Q: May I share my DVDs or digital screeners with friends and family?
You may certainly watch your DVDs or digital screeners with friends and family; however, you are prohibited from loaning, renting, selling, or otherwise distributing the DVDs or streaming information that you have been provided.

Q: How do I stop receiving physical FYC materials?
If you prefer to receive only digital FYC screener links, please opt-out of physical DVDs here.

Q: How can I recycle my DVD screeners?
Per studio guidelines, you may recycle your DVDs only after cutting the DVDs in half or scratching the bottom of the discs to render them unusable. You may not loan, rent, sell, or give away your screeners to anyone. Please check with your local recycling municipal system to see whether DVDs are recyclable in your area. This may vary city to city. You can also look into recycling companies such as Green Disc and the CD Recycling Center

Q: Are closed captioning and/or audio descriptions required for DVD and digital screeners? 
Any DVD or digital screener provided for consideration in both pre-nom and final voting phases must include a closed captioning or subtitling option.

Audio descriptions are required as an option on all titles streaming digitally in the final voting phase. 

Q: Can eligible voting members be sent free streaming memberships or other gifts for voting purposes? 
No, FYC materials may only allow free access to eligible SAG Awards titles and must expire by the voting deadline. Promotional materials and extras (provided with or without screeners) may not contain any gift items or access to a studio, network, or platform’s entire catalog.

Q: Who pays for the DVD and digital screening mailings?
Studios, networks, and those campaigning on behalf of a title are solely responsible for paying for FYC materials. 


Q: Will in-person screenings resume? 
Throughout the awards season, studios will invite members to attend FYC events, Q&As, and screenings. This season we expect a mix of in-person and virtual events. In-person events must follow CDC guidelines and virtual events will take place online and require a computer, phone, or tablet to access.

Q: Will I be notified if a screening is available?
General SAG-AFTRA members can opt to join the SAG Awards RSVP Program here. Once signed up, we will send in-person and virtual event invites via our RSVP email system based on your region throughout the awards season. These invites are for studio or network run screenings and based on availability. Some screenings will occasionally occur during the off-season as well. 

Most event invitations are sent via email and you can RSVP directly to the studio hosting the event. When an RSVP is required, please make sure to indicate SAG-AFTRA as your affiliation.

You may also receive limited invitations or screening calendars listing screenings without Q&As in the mail.

IMPORTANT: Upon opting into the SAG Awards RSVP Program, you may want to check your spam filter and security settings on your email account to allow screening notices to be emailed to you. These notices may be blocked if your settings are too high. Add the following email address to your address book in order to ensure the email is recognized: 

Q: Will I receive a confirmation email when I RSVP to an event?
RSVPs are handled directly by the studios or networks hosting the events. Confirmation emails will be sent to you directly from the studios typically within a three day period prior to the event. In some cases, confirmations may not be emailed until even closer to the event date. 

Q: What if I have not received a screening confirmation?
As some studios and networks will not send confirmation emails until the day before an event, we suggest waiting to reach out to the Awards Office until that time. If it’s 24 hours prior to an event and you have not received confirmation or an immediate notification that a screening is full, please contact us at and we will reach out to the studio on your behalf.

Q: How early should I arrive at a screening?
For virtual events, please log in to attend in a timely manner if the event is being held at a designated time.  

For in-person events, we recommend arriving at least 45 minutes early in order to secure a seat, as seating is not guaranteed. Screenings are often overbooked and priority entrance is given to Nominating Committee members. We will know more about studio-run in-person events as we progress into the season.

Q: Why did a screening fill to maximum capacity, even though I RSVPed immediately? Is there prioritization for certain attendees? 
Some events for titles that have not yet premiered or have high profile panelists can fill very quickly due to high demand. Studios and networks manage RSVPs for their events directly and unfortunately, the SAG Awards Office cannot assist in adding you to the list for an event that is full. Studios do prioritize attendance for Nom Comm members. 

Q: Do I get reimbursement for travelling to a screening?
No. As attendance at FYC events is voluntary, no travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Q: Do I need a computer for virtual events and screenings?
You will need a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet and an internet connection to access virtual events.

Q: May guests sit in on virtual events and Q&As?
Yes. You are welcome to include friends or family who are physically with you to watch a virtual screening or participate in an online event. However, you are not allowed to share your login information for an event with anyone else.

A reminder that all members and their guests are expected to behave in a professional and courteous manner when participating in virtual events and Q&As. Please choose your guests carefully.

Q: Will virtual events be recorded?
It is up to the studio’s discretion whether or not they record virtual events. 

Q: What if I am having trouble accessing a virtual event?
Studios host their own virtual events and you may see different platforms with varying support. Help options will be clearly marked on each screening site and linked to specific help options. Please use these resources if you are having issues accessing a virtual event. These may be a mix of FAQs or access to a live support team.

Q: If I RSVP to a screening and then realize I can’t make it do I need to cancel?
Yes. Please cancel using the cancellation email address provided on the invitation, as this will allow others to attend. Again, these events are first come, first serve. If your plans change after you RSVP and you cannot make it, you must cancel. 

Q: What are my options if I can’t participate in virtual events or attend in-person screenings?
Many studios will also make their titles available on DVD or streaming digitally for viewing at home. If you have specific questions about which titles may be sent, please contact the Awards Office after nominations have been announced.  

Q: How are requests for ADA accommodations for events handled?
Please reach out to the Awards Office and we will relay any requests for accommodations to the studio holding the event. Studios will try to make every ADA accommodation that they can when possible. 

Q: Do you have a complaint about an event?
While we

hope everyone has a good experience at studio-hosted events, occasionally problems arise. Please contact the Awards Office with any issues at


Q: How is the Nominating Committee selected?
The SAG Awards Motion Picture and Television Nominating Committees are drawn each year in the spring/summer. Each Committee is made up of 2,500 members. The committees are selected from a random computer-generated lottery drawing of active, paid-up members. 

Q: How do I know if I’ve been selected for the Nominating Committee?
Members selected for the Nominating Committee are notified via email and US Post in the late spring/early summer. Once a member has been selected, they must complete our online opt-in process in order to be confirmed as a committee member for that season. Members may choose not to serve and will be placed in the lottery again for future seasons.

Q: Can I serve on the Nominating Committee every year?
Members selected to serve on the Motion Picture and Television Nominating Committees are not eligible to serve on their respective committees again for eight years. This allows more members the opportunity to serve on these important committees.

If you are currently on the Nominating Committee and have further questions about serving, please visit the Nominating Committee FAQ page on your private Nom Comm website.


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